Interplanetary Supply Chain Management

NASA illustration of Gateway in lunar orbit with contributions from international partners and the SpaceX Dragon XL logistics module on approach to docking
Cargo and supplies being packed for launch
The graphic above shows planetary surface nodes, orbital nodes and Lagrangian nodes. The nodes are connected via arcs, representing launch, in-space trajectories as well as entry-descent-and-landing operations. Elements are traveling on these arcs, containing human crews, robotic agents, propellant, collected samples as well as various supply items.
An Earth-Moon-Mars Logistical Network in SpaceNet
The visualization shows the locations of elements at certain times and the process (transportation between nodes and waiting at a node) of elements during a time interval
Mathematical Model for Interplanetary logistics, shown in Time Expanded Network
Illustration of Gateway on Lunar Orbit
SpaceX Dragon XL



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