The People’s Liberation Army’s Joint Logistics Support Force

PLA’s five major service branches: the Ground Force (PLAGF), Navy (PLAN), Air Force (PLAAF), Rocket Force (PLARF), and the Strategic Support Force (PLASSF).
China’s military Leadership (2018 China Military Power Report by DoD)
Units and Organizations of CMC Translation (Military Mandarin)
Joint Logistics Structure (Kevin McCauley, Testimony before the U.S.-China Economic and Security Review Commission)
Chinese Logistics Centers (Map by Peter Wood)
China’s vision of 8x8 unmanned supply truck (Chinese NMD)
The Chinese People’s Liberation Army commissions a new type of all-terrain vehicle for high-altitude logistics support. Photo: Screenshot from China Central Television
Su-30MKK in midair refueling with a Russian-made Il-78 Midas tanker (Army University Press)
Xi’an Y-20, capable of 66 tons for 4400 km (CGTN)
China’s Military Fusion Strategy (CASI)
The modular transfer system between a Type 054A frigate and a COSCO container ship during China’s first military-civil UNREP. Source: “重大突破!民船为海军水面舰艇实施干货补给
Chinese Navy Using Commercial Car Ferries to Launch Amphibious Landing Craft. CCTV Image (The James Foundation)
China’s mobilization (Reuters)
The Chinese aircraft carrier Liaoning arrives in Hong Kong waters (Anthony Wallace/AFP via Getty Images)
Chinese People’s Liberation Army personnel attending the opening ceremony of China’s military base in Djibouti (Getty Images)
Estimated Chinese Overseas Naval Bases and Ports in the next 10 years (CGTV)
Jane’s China’s military capabilities software
China’s 5 Island Chains Proposal (Asia Maritime Transparency Initiative)
China’s investment in Africa with proposals for naval bases (Daily Mail)
China’s Belt and Road Initiative (CSIS)



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